BOOMR.plugins. Early

Plugin to send early beacons Non-SPA: Send when config is loaded (onconfig event) if:

  • after DOMContentLoaded
  • before onload
  • not in prerender
  • autorun is true
  • not a reload or back/forward navigation

If we were in prerender, send when visible (prerender_to_visible event) if config was received and the conditions above are met. If onconfig fired before DOMContentLoaded, try again when DOMContentLoaded fires.

SPA: Send when the count of resources we're waiting for drops to 0 for the first time + SPA_EARLY_TIMEOUT (controlled by AutoXHR plugin) and if:

  • not in prerender
  • not a reload or back/forward navigation Current limitations:
  • Does not check if before DOMContentLoaded.
  • Does not retry sending at prerender_to_visible event.

Beacon Parameters

This plugin adds the following parameters to the beacon:

  • early=1: The Early beacon