BOOMR.plugins. Clicks

The Clicks plugin tracks all mouse clicks on a page and beacons them to a dedicated endpoint on your server.

For information on how to include this plugin, see the Building tutorial.

Beacon Parameters

The following parameters are sent when a click event is triggered.

  • element: The nodeName of the element that has been clicked (ie. A, BUTTON, NAV, etc.)
  • id: The id of the element if specified
  • class: The class attribute of the element
  • document_height: The height of the document
  • document_width: The width of the document
  • viewport_height: The height of the viewport when the click event was triggered
  • viewport_width: The width of the viewport when the click event was triggered



Initializes the plugin.


Name Type Description
config object


Name Type Argument Description
Clicks.click_url string

The URL the click events will be beaconed to.

Clicks.onbeforeunload boolean <optional>

A boolean value for when to send click events. If this is true, clicks will be sent when the page is unloaded. Otherwise, click events are sent immediately as they occur.


BOOMR.plugins.Clicks The Clicks plugin for chaining


This plugin is always complete (ready to send a beacon)


Type: boolean