module mPulseAPI


Communicate with the mPulse Query & Repository REST APIs to fetch information about tenants and apps.


This module:

REST APIs that this module uses:

Quick and dirty usage

This snippet will get you up and running, see the full documentation for more details.

See how to generate an API Token for details about the apiToken

using mPulseAPI

# mPulse uses apiToken for authentication
token = getRepositoryToken("<tenant name>", "<mPulse api token for tenant>")

# Get a domain by app name
domain = getRepositoryDomain(token, appName="<app name from mPulse>")

# Get a domain by App Key (formerly known as API key)
domain = getRepositoryDomain(token, appKey="<App Key from mPulse>")

domain["attributes"]["appKey"]                           # Gets the App Key (formerly known as API key)
                                                         # for this app
domain["custom_metrics"]                                 # Get a Dict of custom metrics
domain["custom_metrics"]["Conversion Rate"]              # Get mapping for Conversion Rate custom metric
domain["custom_metrics"]["Conversion Rate"]["fieldname"] # Get field name for Conversion Rate custom
                                                         # metric

# Get all domains in tenant
domains = getRepositoryDomain(token)

# Get a tenant
tenant = getRepositoryTenant(token, name="<tenant name from mPulse>")


The following methods are not exported by default. You may use them by explicitly importing them or by prefixing them with the mPulseAPI. namespace.

function setEndpoints


Change the SOASTA API endpoint that we connect to. The default is



function setVerbose


Set verbosity of API calls.

If set to true, all URLs, headers and POST data will be printed to the console before making an API call.

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