Adding arbitrary data to the beacon

You may want to add additional parameters to each beacon. For example, you may want to tag the beacon with a Page Group or you may want to do A/B testing and tag the beacon specifying which bucket this beacon is for. You can achieve all of this using BOOMR.addVar().

Before you use this method, remember that each plugin adds its own parameters and you should avoid overwriting these with your own values. See Boomerang and each plugin for documentation on what data it adds to the beacon.

Adding Data to the Beacon

BOOMR.addVar can be used to add any arbitrary data you want to the beacon.

Example usage:

BOOMR.addVar("ab_test", "a");

If you need to set multiple parameters, you can supply an object instead:

  "ab_test": "a"
  "customer_id": 123

The beacon will include all variables that you add in the URL. Both keys and values will be URI encoded. Your beacon endpoint will need to understand the data.

Removing Data from the Beacon

You can also remove a parameter that you've added (or that a plugin has added) from the beacon. To do this, call BOOMR.removeVar:

// remove a single parameter

// remove multiple parameters
BOOMR.removeVar("ab_test", "customer_id", "something_else");