Plugin to implement the method queue pattern for Boomerang:

For information on how to include this plugin, see the Building tutorial.

Beacon Parameters

This plugin adds no parameters to the beacon.


The BOOMR_mq plugin can be used to call BOOMR methods before boomerang.js has fully loaded on the page.

If Boomerang is already on the page when BOOMR_mq.push() is used, the specified function will be called immediatley.

Otherwise, the specified function will be called as soon as Boomerang has loaded.


BOOMR_mq is a global array that lives on the window object. If it doesn't exist, you should create it.

To queue BOOMR methods, simply push() arrays onto the object.

The first parameter in the array is the BOOMR method name.

The rest of the parameters will be passed to that method.


window.BOOMR_mq = window.BOOMR_mq || [];

// add two variables to the beacon once Boomerang has loaded
  ["addVar", "var1", "value1"],
  ["addVar", "var2", "value2"]