BOOMR.plugins. IFrameDelay

This plugin delays the Page Load beacon until all specified IFRAMEs have also signalled they are also fully loaded.

For information on how to include this plugin, see the Building tutorial.


In the parent page the following configuration should be used:

BOOMR_config = {
  autorun: false,
  IFrameDelay: {
    enabled: true,
    monitoredCount: 1

And in the child IFRAME:

BOOMR_config = {
  IFrameDelay: {
    enabled: true,
    registerParent: true

See the init() function for more details on each parameter.

Once all registered IFRAMEs have finished loading, the Page Load time is set with the load time of the final IFRAME.

Beacon Parameters

This plugin adds the following parameters to the beacon:

  • ifdl.done: When all of the IFRAMEs have finished loading
  • ifdl.ct: Number of finished IFRAMEs
  • ifdl.r: Number of still-running IFRAMEs
  • ifdl.mon: Total number of monitored IFRAMEs



Initializes the plugin.


Name Type Description
config object


Name Type Argument Description
IFrameDelay.registerParent boolean <optional>

Should be set to true for child IFRAMEs. If true, the parent frame will wait on this child IFRAME.

IFrameDelay.monitoredCount number <optional>

Should be set by the parent frame to indiciate the number of child IFRAMEs it expects to wait on.


BOOMR.plugins.IFrameDelay The IFrameDelay plugin for chaining


Whether or not this plugin is complete


Type: boolean

true if the plugin is complete


Whether or not this plugin is supported


Type: boolean

true if the plugin has postMessage and JSON support.