Delaying the Page Load time

By default, Boomerang will wait for the window load event before it sends a beacon, and the Page Load timestamp (t_done) will be measured until the end of that load event.

For some cases, you may want to have the Page Load time measure to a timestamp other than the window load event. For example, your application may load additional libraries or images at load, and you want the Page Load time to reflect that.

To have Boomerang ignore the window load event, you must do two things:

  1. Set autorun to false in BOOMR.init
  2. When you want to mark the Page Load time done, you need to call BOOMR.page_ready

Example code:

  beacon_url: "",
  autorun: false

// ...
// at some later point, when the page is loaded:

Boomerang will send the Page Load beacon when BOOMR.page_ready is called.